A girl with a plan: Vday, Rank List certified, plan to get fit

Strawberry Pie

In life, it seems we are always trying to plan.  We plan our work schedule, our vacations, our meals, our future, our kids’ futures, and so this list goes on, as ridiculous, or not, that it may be.  But, in all of this, I must admit, I am quite the planner.  In the world in which I live, and maybe yours is quite similar, I must plan for months and years ahead without being able to plan for the next day or week — such is the life of a medical student.  That said, the past 7 days turned out to be an intersection of them all.

Valentines day is a “holiday” for which all single girls dream of having a partner, but once you finally have the significant other, it seems like it must be a declaration of your love.  This year was my second valentines day with my man, and I told him upfront “no gifts.”  Frankly, Im busy, as is he, and I hate doing things half-assed and we’ve recently spent a lot of money on holidays and vacations.  Not only that, but we tell each other we love each other every day — and to be honest, who needs a holiday to remind us our love, when we’re able to make sure the other knows it each and every day.  That said, I’m a girl, so naturally, I wanted flowers.  Did I tell him this, of course not.  I did, however, inform him that I would be getting him a card.  He asked if that meant he had to get me one, and I told him that he could do as he pleases.  As valentines day neared, I had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t let his woman go through Vday without some flowers, and I didn’t want to be caught empty-handed.  So, I planned to make him a pie — he’s quite the pie guy.  Even if I made it last minute (well, the night prior), it was a success, so were the beautiful roses he got me. If you’re interested in the pie, it is a fresh strawberry pie (no gelatin/jello) used, and it was quite the success.  Here’s the link to where I found the recipe: http://bakingbites.com/2009/06/fresh-strawberry-pie/

My entire life, I have wanted to be in medicine.  I made the decision to become a physician ~20 years ago, and I am now a 4th year medical student with ~4mos left until I go on to residency.  For those that dont know, residency is specialty training after medical school.  So you may be wondering what kind of doctor I am going to be? I’d like to know the answer to that as well, but for now, suffice it to say, I have applied to train to become an Emergency Medicine physician (ER Doc), so let’s hope that’s what I’ll be.  I have completed the process of applying to programs and interviewing, and as of 9pm EST, I have certified my rank list — I have ranked the programs I interviewed at and will now enter an algorithm which matches up where I want to be with which programs want me.  The computer will then spew out my name “matched” with  a program (assuming I make the cut – fingers crossed), and I will be contractually obligated to spend the next 3-4years of my life at that program.  Sounds daunting, but honestly, if I match, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.  It’s crazy though – 20years of planning, and I currently cant plan which state I’ll be living in come July.

On the list of things I plan to do, get fit is quite high on that list.  I was doing a great job on weight watchers, so proud of myself, but between interviews and traveling and the hours, I gave up, and here I am, back at square one — I cant blame weight watchers, only myself.  So, I’ve made a plan.  Weight watchers, insanity work out and my new rotation are all to begin on monday.  Every day is a chance at a new start, you just have to be ready to make the changes – Im not ready today, but that’s ok because I will be on Monday. Im excited. I will keep you posted on my progress. If you are wondering why weight watchers: it teaches both portion control as well as emphasizes healthy eating — portion control really isnt my issue, but when eating healthy, sometimes it’s hard to feel full.  Im going for a life-style change, not just a goal weight/look.  This is a means to an end: get my weight down while learning good eating habits, get fit while ramping up my fitness.

Eveybody’s life is busy and complicated.  Some people try to “wing it” but most follow a blueprint.  I cant say which you are.  But if you take home anything from this post, either make the pie or let it be this: while I cant predict the future or wield my will, here I stand, a girl with a plan.


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