Hello world!

Hello world…

I have decided to start a blog on food, medicine, and life.  My inspiration, I’m not too sure…but what I can tell you is:

1. I love to cook and bake (although I think most would agree my baking is better).  I enjoy healthy cooking and healthy baking, but you will see it to very degrees here, depending on why/for whom I am making the food.  For those on a diet, I am on weight watchers, and I’d be happy to post point calculations on the food geared towards being healthy/weight conscious.

2. I am in my forth year of medical school…so in all fairness, unlike my blog title suggests, it will a while longer til I’m truly Dr Lil Bid to you

3. Life is beautiful and complicated. I am not yet sure how much I will share about my personal life, nor how much you want to hear, but we’ll see how things go…hopefully I’ll get a few people to read this.  I move around a lot for school, so my life includes many new adventures, missing my boyfriend and family, and my journey towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.

So without further ado…I will give this a try…stay tuned!